Filets Blues Dinnerware by Gien
Canape Plate - 6.5"
Dinner Plate - 10"
Salad / Dessert Dish - 9"
Rim Soup Plate - 9"
Tea Cup & Saucer
Breakfast Cup & Saucer - 13oz/7"
Mug - 10oz
Round Deep Serving Dish - 12"
Relish Dish - 9" Long
Oval Platter - 16"
Open Vegetable Dish - 12"
Soup Tureen - 1 Gallon
Covered Sugar Bowl - 10oz
Creamer - 8oz
Teapot - 36oz

Filets Blues Dinnerware by Gien

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Filets Bleus features beautiful hand painted double filet borders on an old "Rouen" style shape and form. The filets vary a bit, so every pieces are different from one to another. That's the charm of it, in contrast to machine produced mass production china. Get the whole set or just a pieces to compliment your dishes.

Note: Dishwasher & microwave safe for warming



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