Door Knocker - Classic Ring

Door Knocker - Classic Ring

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The first types of recorded doorknockers in history were simple rings attached to heavy wooden doors of medieval churches and cathedrals as a method of assuring sanctuary. Though being pursued by the secular authorities, if a victim was able to get to the church in time and grasp the ring, this action would signify his safety from his pursuers and his protection by the church. Our classic ring doorknocker is hand cast in solid brass to the highest standards of quality. The design is simple, elegant and suitable for all homes, from colonial to contemporary. Comes with a heavy solid brass striker button and 2" brass screws.

Dimensions: 6" x 4.5" x 2". Spacing between holes: 3.5", which may vary slightly as each piece is hand made. Weighs 2.20 lbs. If selecting finishing buttons, this door knocker requires 2

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